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So often you hear the very valid comment “If only charities could collaborate and pool their resources towards achieving common goals rather than competing with one another.”

That’s what we’re already doing! We are in partnership with the following charities.

The Gemma and Chris McGough Charitable Foundation

The Gemma and Chris McGough Charitable Foundation is our major donor in a 2.5-year reforestation project in southeast Nepal.

Our Sansar

Our Sansar is our operational partner in operating children’s refuge and rehabilitation centres in southeast Nepal.

Little Feet

Little Feet provides financial assistance to the families of individual children whom we identify and prioritise in southeast Nepal.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life provided us with life-saving support in 2020 and now supports our educational projects.

Fashion with Heart (FWH)

Fashion with Heart (FWH) Creations is collaborating with us in designs input as we develop our “Lily’s Leaves” garment production centre in Kathmandu.

Her Future Coalition

Nonprofit Her Future Coalition provides us with consultancy and some financial support in silver jewellery design and manufacture.


German nonprofit (“Stiftung”) Hatemalo invests in our educational and mental health capital projects.

Eleos Compliance

Last, and certainly not least, we receive the generous monthly support of UK corporate Eleos Compliance.

Nepal Carbon Offset

Flying to Nepal? Or somewhere else? help mitigate the impact of climate change by making a flight carbon offset payment today. Your gift will go towards supporting one of our environmental projects in Nepal.

If you would like your organisation, club, school or place of worship to join our community, please contact Philip.